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Studio a ceramics is small batch ceramics made by me, Allysha Hurd, in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.

I grew up on Vancouver Island and moved to the city of Vancouver as a teenager, which has really  given me a love of both natural and urban environments. Having always loved creating growing up; drawing, painting, building, collaging, to name only a few! I eventually found myself  enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Langara College where I found my love of clay.  After getting my two year Fine Arts diploma program at Langara, I went on to Emily Carr University to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts.

What draws me to clay is how soft yet hard it can be, how it can be so fleeting but also so very permanent, so fluid and yet so rigid,  how the mark of the maker can be imprinted into the soft material and then be permanently fired into the surface to be enjoyed for decades.  Ceramics, historically, brings us together: to enjoy a meal, to share the wine, to grow the flowers, to adorn a space, to share.  Food, community, art, the environment, sharing, these things are important to me and I feel ceramics contributes greatly to all these.  Ceramics lets us enjoy art in the everyday; your morning coffee mug, that bowl of soup, the salad bowl on the dinner table or the vase with a few flowers, these handmade objects embody the artist's hands, mind, thoughts, design, hours of time and craftsmanship. Handmade objects allow us to enjoy the act of use, of functionality, the art in the everyday and to slow down and appreciate the moment that much more, to find beauty in the little things and this inspires me.  I love to contribute to these moments and gatherings.  Ceramics continuously challenges, teaches and humbles the maker, and for all these reasons, this is what keeps me coming back for more.

I am currently teaching classes at Claytek Studio where I am also the studio technician and manager. I have a small studio adjacent where I create all my work.


Photo credit Claudette Carracedo Photography

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